Gear Guide: Speakercraft MZC iPod interface kit


Gear Guide: Speakercraft MZC iPod interface kit

The MZC/iPod Interface kit is designed to control all iPod models with Dock Connector*. The naviPod provides five commands; volume up, volume down, pause/play, next track and previous track. SpeakerCraft’s naviPod kit includes a 5-button infrared remote control and a receiver unit that plugs directly into the top of the iPod. Also included is a SpeakerCraft IR emitter and four iPod replacement buttons. This kit combined with our MZC-66 Multi-Zone Controller, provides several additional codes to add more functions than are available with the naviPod alone.

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Company: SpeakerCraft
Model: Speakercraft MZC iPod interface kit
List Price: $2,399.00

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