Speck has introduced the newest versions of its long-heralded CandyShell line for iPhone 6. There’s the classic CandyShell ($35); CandyShell Grip ($35), which offers a raised pattern for more grip; CandyShell Card ($40), which adds a slot to the back of the case that can hold up to three cards; and CandyShell Inked ($40) — basically a CandyShell with graphics on the back. All of the cases retain the traditional CandyShell co-molded plastic and rubber design. The cases now have a tiny new notch at the top, up front, to give some extra space to the iPhone 6’s proximity sensor.

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For those who are unaware, Speck’s traditional CandyShell has long been an iLounge favorite, and it remains the same in its newest incarnation for iPhone 6. What you can expect is the same solid design providing a perfect fit around the device, offering great protection while adding very little bulk to the iPhone 6’s slim profile. One possible issue: after a long-term period of use, we’ve found the rubber section between the front of the phone and the Lightning port can be susceptible to tearing.


CandyShell Grip is very similar to the regular CandyShell, but adds rubber ridges to the back of the case. We’ve heard complaints about the CandyShell being too slippery for some folks, thus justifying the existence of Grip. The inner layer of Grip also has a slightly different feel from CandyShell, for what it’s worth.


CandyShell Card makes a reappearance on iPhone 6 as well. The case is basically a CandyShell with a wallet slot in the back to hold cash and up to three cards. Card’s rubber lining keeps the contents secure — we shook the case vigorously but couldn’t get the cards to budge. As expected, the built-in wallet adds some thickness to the case, but not an excessive amount by any means.


CandyShell Inked sports the same design as the regular CandyShell case, but with one of seven high-resolution graphics wrapped around the shell.


Speck hasn’t changed much with its CandyShell lineup over time, but with such a great design, it hasn’t really had to. These were great cases on past iPhones, and they’re equally great on iPhone 6. While we’re slightly concerned about longterm wear and tear on the cases, our testing doesn’t really take this into account — other cases could have similar issues after such a long period of use. Keep in mind: over that same amount of time, we’ve seen CandyShell’s military-tested drop protection live up to its reputation on numerous occasions. CandyShell and CandyShell Grip both earn our high recommendation; CandyShell Card and CandyShell Inked offer a wallet and graphic shell, respectively, for a $5 premium, and both of those cases get a strong general recommendation.


Update: We later received a CandyShell Grip for iPhone 6 Plus; it earns the same highly recommended rating as the iPhone 6 version of the case.

Our Rating

Highly Recommended

CandyShell, CandyShell Grip for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


CandyShell Card, CandyShell Inked

Company and Price

Company: Speck

Model: CandyShell, CandyShell Card, CandyShell Grip, CandyShell Inked, CandyShell Grip for iPhone 6 Plus

Price: $35-$40

Compatible: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

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