Review: Speck MightyShell for iPhone 6


Speck’s new MightyShell ($50) case for iPhone 6 adds extra protection — and a bit more bulk — to the company’s acclaimed CandyShell design. MightyShell has a rubberized bumper that’s slightly larger than CandyShell, with springy inner grooves cushioning the phone inside the case. The additions collectively double CandyShell’s already military-grade protection, and the case is backed by a lifetime warranty. Currently a Best Buy exclusive, MightyShell comes in five different color schemes, each with three tones rather than CandyShell’s typical two.

Review: Speck MightyShell for iPhone 6

Review: Speck MightyShell for iPhone 6
Review: Speck MightyShell for iPhone 6
Review: Speck MightyShell for iPhone 6
Review: Speck MightyShell for iPhone 6

It’s hard to truly quantify whether the addition of rubberized bumpers and inner springs actually make the MightyShell twice as protective as the CandyShell—yes, the case does feel more substantial, but it doesn’t cover more surface area than the CandyShell. It adds a bit more thickness, which most people won’t mind, but a $15 premium seems steep for what’s changed here. We do suspect MightyShell will stand up better over time due to the rubberized bumper reinforcing the bottom port openings, but the case finds itself caught in between CandyShell and more expensive cases that generally offer more protection. If you love the CandyShell design but feel it needs more beef — and a better grip with the rubberized bumpers — MightyShell might be just right for you. Even though it’s expensive, it’s still a very good case, and earns our strong general recommendation.

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Company: Speck

Model: MightyShell

Price: $50

Compatible: iPhone 6

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