Review: Speck QwickDraw for iPhone 3G

First previewed in the 2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide, Speck’s new QwickDraw ($30) is an iPhone 3G holster with stitched leather atop a plastic frame. Unique to this design is a spring-loaded clasp to hold the iPhone in place; the rear belt clip also rotates with a ratcheting motion through 360 degrees of freedom.

Review: Speck QwickDraw for iPhone 3G

Review: Speck QwickDraw for iPhone 3G

Our views on QwickDraw are straightforward: Speck has come up with a legitimately smart and interesting holster design, but we’re turned off by the idea of paying $30 for nothing more than a leather-covered plastic belt clip. Apparently, the target user for this holster is the person who likes to wear the iPhone 3G at belt level and use it without the full-time protection of a case, popping the spring clasp open to remove the iPhone every time it’s needed. At that point, you hope that the slippery glossy back of the iPhone 3G doesn’t cause it to tumble out of your hands.


Review: Speck QwickDraw for iPhone 3G

While the clasp works and the holster looks nice, the number of similar options such as Griffin’s Elan Clip—some, bundled with cases or screen protectors for the same or lower prices—doesn’t let this one stand out much from the crowd. If you really love holsters, QwickDraw is a nice enough option; we’d advise you to spend the same dollars on a case instead.

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Company: Speck Products


Model: QwickDraw

Price: $30

Compatible: iPhone 3G

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