Review: Spigen Apple Watch Nightstand S350

Spigen’s Apple Watch Nightstand S350 ($20) is the company’s second Apple Watch dock, following the simple and effective aluminum Apple Watch Stand S330. Nightstand S350 is even simpler by comparison — and for most users in the very near future, it may be more effective, as well. The tiny black matte TPU dock is designed to hold Apple Watch in its Nightstand mode (a feature in the upcoming watchOS 2). An adhesive pad on the bottom of the dock allows it to stick to a surface to remain in place, and a silicone pad is included to allow proper docking of a 38mm Apple Watch.

Review: Spigen Apple Watch Nightstand S350
Review: Spigen Apple Watch Nightstand S350

It’s hard for a dock to take up less table space than Nightstand S350, as its base is 1.77” x 2.19”, and it’s about 2” in height. A space is left for the Apple Watch charger, and a small channel routes the cable out to the side. A small bottom lip keeps the watch stable, and the base’s adhesive pad keeps it all in place. And that’s pretty much it. Though simplistic, the dock is quite effective, properly allowing for Nightstand mode while taking up little space. You don’t need to loop the watch’s band to dock it properly, but it makes for a neater look.

Review: Spigen Apple Watch Nightstand S350
Review: Spigen Apple Watch Nightstand S350

If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive Apple Watch dock that enables Nightstand mode, it’s hard to find issues with Spigen’s effort here. With watchOS 2 on the way, it’s possible that many users will prefer something that allows them to use Nightstand mode — though a dock isn’t necessary to use the feature — as opposed to many of the docks released thus far, which favor a traditional upright orientation. While Apple Watch Nightstand S350 isn’t made out of high-end materials, it also takes up such little space that it’s hard to see it being an eyesore on any desk or nightstand. Spigen’s small dock comes highly recommended.

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Company: Spigen

Model: Apple Watch Nightstand S350

Price: $20

Compatible: Apple Watch

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