Review: Spigen SGP Zipack for iPad (3rd-Gen)


Spigen SGP deserves credit for occasionally taking big risks, experimenting with new case designs that might or might not appeal to users. A new iPad case called Zipack ($59) is the most recent example. Unfortunately, the risk didn’t pay off this time. This folio-style case is different from hundreds we’ve covered in the past, notably since it’s not really a case once you’ve opened it up.

Review: Spigen SGP Zipack for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Zipack is quite plain from the outside. The exterior is flat black faux leather, with Spigen logos on the front and back as the only decoration. A two-pull zipper runs around three-quarters of the edge, from the top left corner back down to the bottom right. A shiny red quilted version is available for a $6 premium, adding gold accents and plenty of character.


Review: Spigen SGP Zipack for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Spigen SGP Zipack for iPad (3rd-Gen)

We’d normally expect some sort of frame on the case’s right side to hold the tablet in place, yet Zipack doesn’t have one. Instead, Spigen SGP places a loose strap at each of the iPad’s left corners, which passively keep it from slipping around when the case is closed. Unlike a proper frame, however, these straps fail to keep the iPad in place during use. Behind the iPad is a slightly rough rubbery material, while the rest of the folio is lined with a soft, suede-like fabric.


Review: Spigen SGP Zipack for iPad (3rd-Gen)

So what is Zipack’s appeal? The only other feature is an unusual stand inside the front cover: it’s made from two small faux leather tabs, one located underneath a reinforced, folding faux suede flap. You tuck the flap’s edge into the hidden tab, creating a triangular stand. The iPad leans against the stand, either in a viewing position supported by the second tab, or in a typing angle using the friction of the rough lining on the right side. Although we don’t love the implementation, we were surprised at how sturdy both positions were; neither collapsed while in use.


Review: Spigen SGP Zipack for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Zipack doesn’t look or feel bad, but it’s not a standout in any way: open it up, and all you have is a stand and a naked iPad. Most folio-style cases offer at least as much functionality, and provide body protection while the iPad is in use. As a fine-looking but ultimately superfluous option, Zipack is worthy of a C rating.

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Company: Spigen SGP


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