Gear Guide: Splash Pack DriPod, Large


Gear Guide: Splash Pack DriPod, Large

The Splash Pack is an air-tight case for your iPod. Protect it from water, sand, Jell-o or anything else nature can throw at you. And unlike those hard cases, the Splash Pack lets you adjust the volume, jump to the next song or browse you music catalog while keeping your iPod sealed and protected.

And it’s not just for iPods. You can use it with any electronics, like another MP3 player, digital camera, or cell phone. Have fun in nature and protect your stuff.

This thing features a triple seal, and a heat-sealed headphone jack. And it’s fully submersible to three meters (that’s almost 10 feet!). Use the lanyard to hang it around your neck, drape on your beach lounger, or strap to your kayak.

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