Review: Split the Bill by Lars Bergstrom

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Split the Bill ($1) by Lars Bergstrom combines a somewhat weak interface with a premise that’s reasonable, if not convenient or traditional: why split the entire bill evenly when you can allocate every item to its specific person? You add every individual item to the list, allocate them to as many as 10 individual people, then add tax and tip on top of the items. There’s also an option to consider individual items “shared” amongst the group, and you can try to skip putting all of the items down individually and just put a single shared total down for tip calculation. The only problem: if you do that, the application doesn’t know how many people to divide the check between, so you’ll need to create $0.01 items for each of the people in order to divide the check. Based on all of the other applications we’ve tested, Split the Bill strikes us as being overcomplicated for simple bill splitting and tip calculation tasks, but if you need to apportion specific items to people, it’s not bad. iLounge Rating: C.

Review: Split the Bill by Lars Bergstrom

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Company: Electronic Arts


Title: Split the Bill

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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