Preview: SRS Labs iWOW 3D

Billed as an audio enhancement accessory and application combination for iPads, iPhones, and iPods, SRS Labs’ iWOW 3D ($60) is a Dock Connector-to-headphone port converter with the ability to “dynamically locate[] and restore[] audio details buried in source material,” delivering “natural and immersive sound with deep, rich bass.” A glowing button on the face activates the default version of the audio processing feature, the dimensions of which can be adjusted using the company’s free iOS application.

Preview: SRS Labs iWOW 3D

Preview: SRS Labs iWOW 3D

Preview: SRS Labs iWOW 3D

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Company: SRS Labs


Models: iWow 3D

Price: $60

Compatible: Dock Connecting iPods, All iPhones, All iPads

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