Review: Standzout Helix Dock for Apple Watch

While we’ve seen plenty of Apple Watch docks since the smartwatch’s release, we’ve yet to see one quite like Standzout’s Helix Dock ($20). Helix Dock is one of the simplest Apple Watch docks we’ve ever seen — it’s two pieces of plastic that latch together. That’s it. It doesn’t come with an Apple Watch cable or USB power adapter, so you’ll have to supply those on your own. Nevertheless, Helix’s design — which places an Apple Watch right next to an outlet — may prove intriguing to some, especially frequent travelers. Helix Dock comes in four different color options: clear, white, black, and glow-in-the-dark.

Review: Standzout Helix Dock for Apple Watch

Helix Dock is a straightforward clear plastic dock, designed to be plugged directly into a wall outlet. An Apple Watch cable is inserted in the dock and wrapped around a cable storage space on the inside. The small Apple USB wall adapter is inserted into Helix, and then both plastic pieces are closed to make one secure wall adapter. The only customization possible is found in the position of the wall plug.

Review: Standzout Helix Dock for Apple Watch
Review: Standzout Helix Dock for Apple Watch

There’s not much to Helix Dock, but its compactness is a definite plus. You don’t have to fiddle with cables here — get it situated once, and you should be good to go. It’s easy to pick up and throw in a bag for travel purposes. However, two obvious concerns pop up. First: will the wall outlets where you’re going accommodate the plug? We’d guess affirmatively in most cases, but some outlet covers may make things tricky. Also: do you really want your Apple Watch charging right next to an outlet? If you’re hesitant, we’d steer clear.

Review: Standzout Helix Dock for Apple Watch
Review: Standzout Helix Dock for Apple Watch

Honestly, what Helix Dock really does is take a cable and wall adapter you would have brought along anyway and keeps it in a tight, convenient package. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other docks — though it could be $5 to $10 cheaper — and compact, but it’s also just two small pieces of plastic.

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Company: Standzout

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