Review: Stitcher Radio by Stitcher Inc.


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Review: Stitcher Radio by Stitcher Inc.

The final app in this roundup is Stitcher Radio (Free), which is unique from everything else in this collection in that it draws upon podcast content as an alternate form of Internet radio programming, ‘stitching together’ different podcasts into genre-styled channels that you can turn on and enjoy. Supported by on-screen banner advertising that is more conspicuous than any we’ve yet seen in an iPhone application, Stitcher is given away, acting as a podcast aggregator and making money by showing its ads while playing audio content created by others.

Review: Stitcher Radio by Stitcher Inc.

Review: Stitcher Radio by Stitcher Inc.

The good news about Stitcher is that you can, like some other Internet radio apps we’ve covered, highlight content that you enjoy, search for content within the library, and see album art—when it loads, some of the time—along with your audio. It eliminates the need to download full podcasts onto your iPhone or iPod touch, and provides an instantaneous source of new information when you’re on the go. Unfortunately, you’re not able to add additional podcasts to the application, despite Stitcher’s claim that you can log into its web site and create new channels, and the list of content providers is relatively short. While the service offers access to NPR, the BBC, and other podcasts, it’s unclear whether the list will expand or contract over time. We’re holding off on rating this for now, but as a free app, it certainly does add another dimension to the iPhone and iPod touch streaming audio experience, and may inspire other developers to come up with a “do it all” Internet radio and podcast streaming program.


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Company: Stitcher Inc.


Title: Stitcher Radio

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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