First Look: STM Jacket iPad

It’s one of the nicest bags we’ve yet seen for the iPad: STM’s Jacket iPad ($25) is a gender-neutral, water resistant dot nylon bag with a zippered soft interior, open rear and front pockets, and one zippered front compartment. A carrying handle lets you hold it like a handbag, while a detachable strap allows you to carry your iPad on your shoulder. Typical of STM products, the Jacket iPad feels extremely well-made and well-padded.

On May 13, 2010, iLounge published The Complete Guide to iPad Cases and Protection, a multi-page comparison of over 70 different iPad cases and film protectors, sorted by genre. The following details were added to this piece by that comparison article; please click on the link above for additional comparative discussion of similar protective options.

Though it could stand to have a somewhat more impressive shoulder strap, STM’s Jacket otherwise checks all the right boxes: it’s sized just to fit the iPad, has several different pockets to hold accessories and other items, and looks really quite nice. Out of all the “murses” we’ve seen for the iPad, it’s the best so far


First Look: STM Jacket iPad

First Look: STM Jacket iPad

First Look: STM Jacket iPad

First Look: STM Jacket iPad

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Company: STM


Model: Jacket iPad

Price: $25

Compatible: iPad (2010)

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