Although it still focuses primarily on bags, STM has continued expanding into making cases for the iPad, iPhone, and now the iPad mini. Skinny ($35) is heavily based on its full-sized predecessor, modified mainly in size and the relocation of some openings. It seems the company may have rushed this one out the door though, as it features an unnecessary “second microphone” hole on the back we’ve seen in a few other cases, and lacks auto-locking magnets in the lid. Because it’s so similar to the third-generation iPad version, our review of Skinny will be brief.

Review: STM Skinny for iPad mini

Review: STM Skinny for iPad mini

Review: STM Skinny for iPad mini

As always, Skinny is a folio-style case. The lid and shell are covered in a really smart-looking nylon material. It’s textured and available in black, red, blue, or pink. The shell itself is hard plastic with openings for the headphone port, microphone, Sleep/Wake button, volume buttons and side switch, iSight camera, Lightning port and speakers, plus the aforementioned hole on the back—all pretty standard stuff. Skinny’s most distinguishing feature is the tab that holds the lid shut. Extending out from the right edge of the cover, it fits into a loop on the back to secure the case. It can also be used to prop the folded lid up for viewing or typing.


Review: STM Skinny for iPad mini

Review: STM Skinny for iPad mini

We continue to like the way Skinny looks and feels: it’s a stylish option, pretty slim, and functional too. We’d expect a bit more of a price gap between the mini and full cases, but the $35 cost isn’t unreasonable at all. Our biggest complaint is that STM omitted the magnets in the lid that have become so commonplace. The third-gen iPad version had them, and this one should, too. Overall, Skinny is worthy of a B+: it doesn’t quite live up to the standard set by its predecessor, but it’s still a very good case.

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Company: STM


Model: Skinny

Price: $35

Compatible: iPad mini

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