Review: STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2

We’ve seen STM’s Skinny case for a number of iPads in the past, and it’s resurfaced again as Skinny Pro ($40) for iPad Air 2. Skinny Pro is a thin, folio-style case with a tab that can be run through a loop to secure the cover. There’s no button or port protection on Skinny Pro, which isn’t a surprise. Unlike many iPad Air 2 cases we’ve seen thus far, Skinny Pro is specifically made for iPad Air 2, not both models of the Air.

Review: STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 2
Review: STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 3
Review: STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 4

Skinny Pro’s cover is the same nice textured nylon material we’ve seen before, with a microfiber backing. The cover is attached to a hard plastic shell which houses the iPad Air 2. The cover activates the iPad Air 2’s sleep/wake function, and it uses a tab to secure itself to the back of the case. Additionally, the cover folds to become a stand, which works in two positions, for viewing or typing. The cover is sturdy enough to support the iPad Air 2, and the tab ensures the stand will stay intact.

Review: STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 5
Review: STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 6

The hard plastic shell that houses the iPad Air 2 secures the device at the corners with a snap, while leaving the edges slightly exposed. Skinny Pro has precise cutouts for the headphone port, sleep/wake switch, volume controls, camera and microphones. The speakers and Lightning port are left open.

Review: STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 7
Review: STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 8

Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 is a well-made folio-style case. As in previous incarnations, we appreciate the smart design of the tabbed cover which can fold into a firm stand. The case also looks more expensive than it actually costs. A few downsides: though the cover activates the sleep/wake function, a magnetic closure would be nice. Also, Skinny Pro is thinner than most iPad Air 2 cases, but we still think STM could shave off some of the shell. We’re still waiting for a company to truly take advantage of the iPad Air 2’s thin design. That being said, Skinny Pro is a very good option for the device, and the case earns our strong general recommendation.

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Company and Price

Company: STM

Model: Skinny Pro

Price: $40

Compatible: iPad Air 2

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