Review: StreamItAll Radio by BluMediaLab

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Not all of the Internet radio applications are locked into music catalogs selected by individual companies; there are a couple that are capable of tuning in Internet radio streams from all sorts of broadcasters, large and small, starting with a number of hand-selected stations and then expanding to include others that you manually enter in after finding them yourself on the web. Here are the options.

Review: StreamItAll Radio by BluMediaLab

Review: StreamItAll Radio by BluMediaLab

BluMediaLab’s RADIO StreamItAll ($4) starts with an extremely small collection of preset stations, but includes both a larger database and a + icon that supposedly enables you to add whatever .PLS format Internet radio stream you find on the Internet. We had a lot of trouble getting the stream-adding feature to work properly, finding once that it was supposedly “playing,” but actually silent, and many other times that it was unable to resolve URLs with or without .PLS extensions. The program’s spartan interface provides very little information on stations and tracks, and doesn’t look especially good doing it; however, it did work properly with the included presets. For the asking price, we’d expect a much better list of stations, properly working station adding, and a better interface. iLounge Rating: D.


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Company: BluMediaLab


Title: RADIO StreamItAll

Price: $4

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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