Review: Sudoku

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SUDOKU ($8) by Electronic Arts is a remake of the same-named Click Wheel iPod Game, with identical features and artwork that has been reformatted to fit the iPhone/iPod touch screen. Though the transition screens and music have a wonderfully Japanese look and sound, there’s no customization a la the best other Sudoku titles we’ve seen. This one continues to offer a newspaper puzzle solver, easy mini markings for square possibilities, and an easy to understand interface.

Review: Sudoku

Review: Sudoku

Five levels of difficulty are included, the latter two unlockable, and an error checking mode can be turned on or off. You can also tap a button or shake the iPhone to show all of the possible options, a feature called Auto-Fill Helper. The music can be turned off, but you can’t play your iPod music during the game. Overall, this is a nice Sudoku game thanks to its Japanese theme, but Platinum Sudoku shows that you can do much better for half the price on the iPhone.

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Company: Electronic Arts



Price: $8

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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