Review: Sudoku Vol. 1

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Another of the standout versions is the professionally-developed SUDOKU Vol.01 ($6) by Japan’s Hudson Soft. In addition to six plain wallpapers and six fonts—notably including a Japanese font so that players can experience the game in its fully original form—the game has its own simple music and sound effects, pre-empting your iPod’s, and the ability to make guess marks on the board. Hint, undo, and redo features are included, as is an interactive tutorial. The game features 15 stages, five initially locked, with 50 puzzles a piece. It was co-developed with Nikoli, the “originator” of Sudoku. While a little too expensive relative to our top pick in this category, Platinum Sudoku, this is a good second choice with cool features of its own.

Review: Sudoku Vol. 1

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Company: Hudson Soft

Website: N/A

Title: SUDOKU Vol.01

Price: $6

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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