First Look: Sumajin Ink Slim Silicone Case for iPhone 4

In very much the same style as its Ink case for the original iPad, Sumajin has released Ink Slim Case for iPhone 4 ($15), a rubber skin with an impressive amount of protection. As is generally expected, the glass back plate is fully covered, save for the camera/flash hole. Interestingly, that opening is much larger than on most cases, a change we have recently seen from a few different manufacturers at this point — possibly a new Apple suggestion to mitigate flash issues. With the exception of the ringer switch, the entire stainless steel frame is protected as well, including flip-open headphone port and Dock Connector covers. Redirected speaker holes on the bottom help protect the grills, but any improvement in sound is barely noticeable. Ink Slim Case is available in seven colors, each of which comes packaged with a set of clear protective films for the front and back of the iPhone 4.






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Company: Sumajin


Model: Ink Slim Silicone Case

Price: $15

Compatible: iPhone 4

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