First Look: Sumajin Turbo Stereo Headphones


Sumajin’s best-known for its inexpensive but well-made silicone cases, and it’s dabbled in canalphones and clip-on earphones before, so now it’s branching out into something new: on-ear headphones. Turbo ($35) is the name for its series of 40mm-driver-equipped glossy plastic headphones, which come sparingly packaged in blister wrap and include a traditional iPod/iPhone/iPad-friendly 3.5mm headphone plug at the end of a long cable. Five color schemes are available, each with foam-padded earcups and what the company describes as “good sound reproduction.” Segmented arms enable them to be folded up into roughly an iPod-sized footprint for travel.

First Look: Sumajin Turbo Stereo Headphones

First Look: Sumajin Turbo Stereo Headphones

First Look: Sumajin Turbo Stereo Headphones

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Company: Sumajin


Model: Turbo

Price: $35

Compatible: All iPods except iPod shuffle 3G, iPhones, iPads

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