Review: SwitchEasy Boombox for iPhone 6


SwitchEasy’s Boombox ($30) case for iPhone 6 is a folio-style case that uses an amplifying design to boost sound from the iPhone’s speakers without any additional battery power. The audio is directed out to the left side of the phone, under the volume controls and ringer switch. Even while the folio cover is closed, holes on the cover itself allow the sound to come through. The folio cover can also be used as a kickstand. Boombox offers button coverage for the sleep/wake button and volume controls.

Review: SwitchEasy Boombox for iPhone 6

Review: SwitchEasy Boombox for iPhone 6
Review: SwitchEasy Boombox for iPhone 6

Boombox’s audio-amplifying design is not a new trick — we’ve seen it in a number of cases over the years, including Speck’s CandyShell Amped for iPhone 5/5s. In this case, the audio is routed out to the left side of the phone. SwitchEasy claims Boombox makes the iPhone 6 sound three times louder and clearer — that’s a stretch, but the audio is certainly louder and overall, it’s preferable for longer listening.

Review: SwitchEasy Boombox for iPhone 6
Review: SwitchEasy Boombox for iPhone 6

As a case itself, Boombox compares to other similar folio-style cases — it doesn’t offer a ton of protection, but the button coverage is fine. It’s clear the focus of Boombox is audio and video. If you don’t watch much video on the iPhone 6, or listen to much music using the phone’s speakers, Boombox shouldn’t be on your radar, as it doesn’t offer enough benefits as a regular case. But if you’re a big iPhone 6 video watcher or music listener, the price is right, and the idea is executed well. Boombox earns our limited recommendation.

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Company: SwitchEasy

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Price: $30

Compatible: iPhone 6

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