First Look: SwitchEasy Canvas for iPad

We’ve become so accustomed to SwitchEasy knocking new designs out of the park that we’re occasionally puzzled when something odd slips out of the company’s labs and into packaging. Canvas for the iPad ($50) is one of the odd ones, a fairly tame folio-style design that’s rendered unusual by its use of a canvas-ish glossy plastic exterior, paired with a gray microfiber interior lining, and in two out of the three versions, bright pink or blue faux leather iPad holders with matching pockets. While the concept behind the case — fold open and double over to become a two-angled video stand — is extremely familiar at this point, the combination of materials will either win you over or turn you off. The black-on-black version is the closest to passable in our eyes, but you might feel otherwise if you’re a big fan of tan/pink or olive/blue mixes. SwitchEasy includes two different microfiber screen cleaners in each Canvas package, plus screen film and an applicator card.

First Look: SwitchEasy Canvas for iPad

First Look: SwitchEasy Canvas for iPad

First Look: SwitchEasy Canvas for iPad

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Company: SwitchEasy


Models: Canvas

Price: $50

Compatible: iPad

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