Review: SwitchEasy CapsuleClassic for iPod classic


Though most of SwitchEasy’s development attention has been focused on the iPod nano, touch, and iPhone, the company has now taken a stab at iPod classic cases as well. CapsuleClassic for iPod classic ($25) is a hard plastic case available in two colors, clear and transparent “UltraBlack,” each providing you with integrated screen protection and film Click Wheel coverage. As always, SwitchEasy packs this version of Capsule with frills — headphone port adapter, Dock Connector cover, Universal Dock Adapter, and extra protectors for your classic’s screen and back — and sells the whole package at a reasonable price. It only fits Apple’s thinner 80GB and 120GB iPod classic models.

Review: SwitchEasy CapsuleClassic for iPod classic

Though the pack-ins may be serious overkill—the screen and back protectors appear to have been tossed in mostly to toss them in—it’s impossible to view this case as anything other than really well-conceived otherwise, given that it covers all of the iPod save for its Hold switch and Action button, and has only one potential problem for users: the Dock Connector opening, which works properly with Universal Docks, but rejects large bottom-mounting accessories—basically anything larger than Apple’s and similarly narrow connectors. SwitchEasy has tailored the headphone port just as tightly, but the included headphone adapter lets users of oversized headphone plugs adjust for that; there’s no solution for the bottom. If you’re using large bottom-connecting accessories other than docks, or if you don’t want to use an adapter for your non-Apple headphones, this isn’t the case for you, but for everyone else, it’s an excellent value with a very clean design and an abundance of protection. While the plastic can be scratched, it’s no different in this regard from most clear plastic cases we’ve tested, and doesn’t interfere with iPod video, gaming, or interface usage. The UltraBlack version adds coolness at the expense of a little screen dimming, overcome by running the iPod on a higher brightness setting. Both versions of CapsuleClassic are worthy of our high recommendation.


Review: SwitchEasy CapsuleClassic for iPod classic

Review: SwitchEasy CapsuleClassic for iPod classic

Review: SwitchEasy CapsuleClassic for iPod classic

Review: SwitchEasy CapsuleClassic for iPod classic


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Company: SwitchEasy


Model: CapsuleClassic

Price: $25

Compatible: iPod classic 80GB, 120GB

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