Review: SwitchEasy ChocoShuffle for iPod shuffle 3G

Amusing? Sure. SwitchEasy’s new ChocoShuffle for iPod shuffle 3G ($9) transforms the latest iPod shuffle into what looks to be two squares of chocolate candy or Ex-Lax, depending on one’s perspective, and is offered in three different colors: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and strawberry chocolate.

Each is a rubber sleeve with a hole in the top for the shuffle’s three-position switch and headphone port, as well as twin holes in the back for its shirt clip to stick out. Though shuffle cases traditionally haven’t been very popular, it’s nice to see this sort of case design creativity at a reasonable price, regardless.

Review: SwitchEasy ChocoShuffle for iPod shuffle 3G

Actually rating ChocoShuffle is somewhat of a challenge, given the utter simplicity of the device and questions over whether cases are even desirable for this particular model.

On a positive note, ChocoShuffle’s rubber is suitably resilient to being tugged on and off of the iPod shuffle, and provides uninhibited access to the shuffle’s single integrated control, headphone port, and rear clip. It doesn’t attempt to protect any of these elements, which won’t matter to most users, though the rear clip’s complete exposure allows for scratching; those concerned about keeping the shuffle in pristine condition might prefer a film or similar protector for the clip.