SwitchEasy’s Coverbuddy ($40) is a lightweight, thin plastic shell case for iPad Pro which holds an Apple Pencil. The Pencil holder, located on the back of Coverbuddy, also acts as a small stand to keep the iPad Pro in a more natural sketching position. Coverbuddy has no button coverage. It covers the back and most of the sides of the iPad Pro, but it leaves the bottom exposed so the iPad Pro can connect to Smart Connector accessories, such as a keyboard. Coverbuddy’s Pencil holder can be removed so the iPad Pro can lay flat on a desk — SwitchEasy does include a faceplate that can be swapped in when the Pencil holder is removed, but we didn’t find it to be necessary.

Coverbuddy is very simple, and it only offers minimal protection for the iPad Pro. But while some users may see those as disadvantages, others will see a clever, light, easy-to-grip case that keeps an iPad Pro from getting scratched up and plays nice with compatible accessories. Coverbuddy serves a need at a low price, especially for Apple Pencil users.

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Company and Price

Company: SwitchEasy

Model: Coverbuddy

Price: $40

Compatible: iPad Pro