Review: SwitchEasy Lux for iPhone 4/4S

SwitchEasy’s newest iPhone 4 and 4S case Lux ($30) isn’t the company’s first foray into leather cases, but it is a bit of a change from the mainly plastic options it has released over the past few months. With a rather straightforward design, Lux offers a pretty amount of protection without adding too much bulk. Many companies would charge a far higher price if this was their case, which also includes two screen protector films, a cloth, and a squeegee card. Great value is an attribute we’ve come to expect from SwitchEasy, and one we appreciate in almost every new product the company releases.

Review: SwitchEasy Lux for iPhone 4/4S

Lux’s design is quite simple, with a thin layer of reinforced cowhide providing a frame for the device—including some protection around the Home button and the top corners. The glossy, textured leather does feel nice given the $30 asking price, and though it’s not the best we have seen, you’ll typically pay through the nose for thicker material. An additional nice touch is the inclusion of a raised metal SwitchEasy logo on the back of the case, which adds to the overall premium appearance.


Review: SwitchEasy Lux for iPhone 4/4S

Review: SwitchEasy Lux for iPhone 4/4S

To insert the iPhone, you simply slide it in from the top, and a flap folds over from the front to hold it in place. We appreciate SwitchEasy’s attention to detail; there’s a matching depression in the lining of the case that prevents the tab from adding any bulk. The volume buttons are covered with the appropriate symbols embossed into the leather, but just a little bit more force is required than normal to make up for the gap between the buttons and the case. A black plastic ring around the rear camera and flash is in place to prevent diffusion issues, but is quite tight; it actually partially covers the metal ring around the camera itself, although it doesn’t obscure the lens at all, and had no impact on sample photos we shot. Rather, Lux’s single biggest issue is how much of the iPhone’s top and bottom are actually left exposed, though this aids in accessory compatibility, if nothing else.


Review: SwitchEasy Lux for iPhone 4/4S

Review: SwitchEasy Lux for iPhone 4/4S

Before Lux, it was hard to find a nice leather case at the $30 price point—it just wasn’t likely. Yet SwitchEasy did an admirable job with this design by using quality materials, choosing a simple yet largely protective shape, and including valuable pack-ins. If you’re looking to buy an attractive leather case without breaking the bank, we can happily recommend this one. There are a few small issues that could use a bit of tweaking, but for the price, they’re forgivable. Unless you’re looking for complete iPhone 4/4S body protection, you’ll find this to be a smart choice, and worthy of our high recommendation and A- rating.

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