As an alternative to classic neoprene sleeves for iPads, SwitchEasy has developed Thins ($40), which use more advanced manufacturing techniques — heat-sealing and precision trimming — to achieve similar results, minus the need for any stitching. With pill-shaped Velcro closures inside its top flap and a rubber-like, color-matched glued edge to hold the microfiber-lined neoprene front and back pieces together, Thins has enough space inside to hold either an iPad or an iPad 2, with or without a Smart Cover; it’s marketed only as a solution for the newer tablet. SwitchEasy packs each of the four differently-colored versions with two video stands, screen film, a cleaning cloth, and a plastic applicator card.

Review: SwitchEasy Thins for iPad 2

Review: SwitchEasy Thins for iPad 2

Review: SwitchEasy Thins for iPad 2

Review: SwitchEasy Thins for iPad 2

Review: SwitchEasy Thins for iPad 2

While there’s no need to go into great detail about “yet another sleeve,” we do like what SwitchEasy has done with this case. It’s a nice design, and feels good in the hand. While the heat-sealing isn’t perfect—stitching is usually straight, while this process created minor unevenness as the liquid glue dried—the end result is strong, and looks quite nice. Our biggest problem is the price. SwitchEasy is generally known for quality products at value prices, but $40 for a simple neoprene sleeve is a bit too much. While the pack-ins do bring up the overall value, the asking price is still a lot for something that has to be removed in order to use the iPad, and that can’t be used for any secondary purpose. Other cases deliver more functionality at similar prices. Thins merits a flat B rating.

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Company: SwitchEasy


Models: Thins

Price: $40

Compatible: iPad 2

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