Review: SwitchEasy Trim for iPhone 4

SwitchEasy has long been known for its high quality protective cases at affordable prices, generally with plenty of pack-ins. Trim ($20) for iPhone 4 is no exception. A unique dual-material hard case, Trim provides more protection than most cases at a fraction of the cost. Available in black, white, blue, yellow, orange, pink, or red, Trim is a great option for protection and iPhone 4 personalization.

Review: SwitchEasy Trim for iPhone 4

Trim is composed of two different materials: the frame is a colored semi-soft plastic with enough give to slip the iPhone 4 in and out easily, while the back is a stiff frosted polycarbonate. Along the edge of the frame are three ridges, a distinctive design feature that provides shock protection and superior grip, these ridges are a little sharp when touched individually, but feel fine when normally gripped in your palm. A very small lip surrounds the front glass screen. Both the Sleep/Wake button and volume buttons are fully covered but click perfectly well with full tactile feedback. The speakers on the Dock Connector on the bottom are exposed, and Trim does not hinder the electronic connection while docking in Apple’s Universal Dock. Similarly, the headphone port is open and allows full access for any standard headphone plug. On the left hand side, the ringer switch is fully accessible; currently Trim only supports the GSM iPhone 4, but SwitchEasy promises a CDMA compatible version to accommodate the lowered switch in the near future.


Review: SwitchEasy Trim for iPhone 4

Review: SwitchEasy Trim for iPhone 4

Following its usual practice, SwitchEasy includes a number of additional accessories in the package: two screen films, a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, two Universal Dock Adapters—thoughtfully, one white and one black—a stand, two Dock Connector protectors and two headphone port protectors. The protectors for the Dock Connector and headphone port are small rubber inserts, and having two is important for when the first inevitably gets lost. With these extra pieces in place, everything that can be covered on the iPhone 4 without inhibiting functionality is protected. SwitchEasy excels at this, and it’s really appreciated.


Review: SwitchEasy Trim for iPhone 4

Many companies attempt to set themselves apart with extravagant iPhone cases while maintaining inflated prices. SwitchEasy has taken the opposite approach with simple, well-thought out products featuring plenty of extras at very reasonable rates with no real sacrifices, an approach we wish more companies would take. While the actual look of the Trim design is a matter of preference, we really liked it a lot, and the sheer percentage of high-grade protection makes Trim one of the best cases we have seen for the iPhone 4. Particularly given the aggressive $20 asking price, it easily earns our high recommendation.

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