Review: Targus Swivel Stand for iPad + iPad 2

With Swivel Stand ($40), Targus has continued its line of slightly unusual, niche-filling iPad and iPad 2 stands; accessories such as Lap Lounge precede it. While this one can function as a normal stand, it’s designed to be the centerpiece of multiplayer games thanks to a rotating base.

Swivel Stand resembles a folio-style case, except that it’s far thicker and heavier than most, and not very attractive from the outside. The plain black plastic body, with mechanical elements showing, doesn’t have much character. Although the front cover can fold behind the one holding the tablet, we can’t imagine many people would want to use the case in this way.


Review: Targus Swivel Stand for iPad + iPad 2

Review: Targus Swivel Stand for iPad + iPad 2

The way that the holder works is strange as well. Rather than a contoured shell or even a slip-in frame, Targus chose a completely different style. Along the inner edge is a long, semisoft rubber lip; the other side has the same sort of material, but only at the two corners. You slide the iPad or iPad 2 in the long end first, and then maneuver it so that the corner protectors pop over the device. It’s not the most intuitive setup, but does support both generations of Apple’s tablet, which is a plus. Inserting the iPad with its right side oriented towards the outside of the case leaves unprotected access to all of the buttons and ports.


Review: Targus Swivel Stand for iPad + iPad 2

Review: Targus Swivel Stand for iPad + iPad 2

From there, the two halves can fold in on each other to form the kind of stand that’s expected from a folio-style case; the extended bottom edge of the one cover fits into one of four slots for different landscape viewing angles. What really sets Swivel Stand apart—and gives it its name—is the lazy Susan-like base. A ring of rubber on the bottom holds the stand in place while the rest rotates freely. This makes it particularly useful for multiplayer games such as Uno and Magic 8 Ball that the company offers as free downloads with the purchase of the accessory, with potential for use in offices or other business settings.


Review: Targus Swivel Stand for iPad + iPad 2

Ultimately, Swivel Stand is a case with limited appeal. Its bulk, generally plain appearance, and lack of edge protection make it something that few people will want to carry around on a regular basis. For multi-person games and presentations it does make sense to a degree, but the effort of having to insert and remove the iPad for that specific use may not be worth it. Most people simply won’t need the features that Targus’s case offers, making it worthy of a C+ rating.

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Company: Targus


Model: Swivel Stand

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Compatible: iPad, iPad 2

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