Review: Tavik Hemings for iPad Air

Designed for travel, Hemings ($60) is a nice new take on the iPad Air portfolio-style case, and is one of the better products we’ve seen from the Incipio-owned brand. Its looks and functionality make it suitable for the office, while pockets hold accessories and more for when you’re on the go. The waxed canvas-like vinyl exterior comes in eight rather subdued colors, offering personalization while remaining professional.

A zipper with a genuine leather pull tab runs along the edge of the case, and while it’s closed, the only part of the iPad Hemings leaves exposed is the rear camera. We find this to be a good thing, as it means you won’t have to remove the tablet from the case to take pictures. It’s a rare design choice on this style of case for some reason, but it’s a smart one. Inside, there are three distinct components: a set of pockets on the left, a plastic shell on the right, and a microsuede divider between them.


Review: Tavik Hemings for iPad Air

Review: Tavik Hemings for iPad Air

The case is lined with a soft canvas material, and we really like the feel of it. There are six total pockets: four are business card-sized, one is twice that width, and the largest runs the entire height of the portfolio. They’re loose enough to accept accessories without a struggle, and even earbuds and cords can be packed inside. The divider is permanently sewn in place, protecting the iPad Air’s display from whatever extras may be packed along with it. Look closely and you’ll find a pen holder along the spine.


Review: Tavik Hemings for iPad Air

Hemings’ shell isn’t drastically different from any other shell we’ve tested. The lack of button coverage and partially exposed chamfered edge aren’t as big of a deal as they would be on cases with the folio to offer extra protection. Because it’s sewn on at the right edge, it can be difficult to access the tablet’s volume buttons and side switch, but it’s not that bothersome. A hidden flap under the iPad can be raised to create a typing angle, while tucking the tablet’s left edge against the zipper at the other side of the case props it up for video viewing.


Review: Tavik Hemings for iPad Air

Review: Tavik Hemings for iPad Air

We were pleasantly surprised by how much we liked Hemings. The materials feely really nice, and the functionality is there to use the iPad Air however you’d like, while carrying extras with you. It’s good enough to earn our strong general recommendation, and is among our favorite cases of the style to date.

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Company: Incipio/Tavik


Model: Hemings

Price: $60

Compatible: iPad Air

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