Review: Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPhone 5/5s

The latest in Tech21’s line of cases is Impact Mesh for iPhone 5/5s ($35), which combines features and design elements from the earlier Impact Band and Impact Mesh for iPad mini. We’ve now seen a handful of iPhone cases from the company that has worked its way from relative obscurity to Apple Store shelves, and of them, Impact Mesh is our favorite, at least aesthetically. It’s the right combination of see-through rubber and shock-absorbing D3O material. Four color schemes are available.

Review: Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPhone 5/5s

Unlike Impact Band and Impact Trio, there’s no hard plastic to be found on this case: instead, it’s all a softer material akin to rubber. The border running around the edge is just about identical to Impact Band’s, including button protection and three openings on the bottom edge. All three buttons click well, which is important to us. Inside the band, you’ll see orange strips, which are pieces of D3O. It helps absorb the impact from drops, and prevent damage to the handset. The back is frosted rubber, with a pattern of transparent dots all along the inner surface. This allows the color of your iPhone to show through.


Review: Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPhone 5/5s

If we were to pick up one Tech21 case, it’d be Impact Mesh. It has the right combination of looks and protection, at a fair price. We like the way it feels, and the fact that it allows the iPhone to show through without leaving it unprotected. Some people may be turned off by the bright orange core, but that’s really the only notable drawback. The company got this one right, deserving kudos and a high recommendation.

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Company: Tech21


Model: Impact Mesh

Price: $35

Compatible: iPhone 5/5s

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