Review: TechSlinger TechSling for iPad + iPhone


If we were placing bets, we’d be willing to wager that most people have no desire to strap iPads to their bodies. But if wearing a tablet around sounds appealing, you may want to check out TechSlinger’s TechSling ($75). Like Tablet Holster/StealthPocket’s iPad Shoulder Holster, this nylon concoction is designed to be worn over your shoulders and around your back.

Review: TechSlinger TechSling for iPad + iPhone

Review: TechSlinger TechSling for iPad + iPhone

One thing TechSlinger definitely got right is the materials. The two 6.5” x 11” pockets that hang at either side of the body are made of really high quality ripstop nylon, available in nine different colors, and we liked the material a lot. The pockets are connected by a plastic clip system and nylon straps. Notably our review unit came with reversed color markings to indicate what connects where; instead of blue connecting to blue, we were told it should actually snap onto yellow. One of the pockets is large enough for any generation iPad, with or without a case, and the tablet is held in place with a snap-equipped nylon strap. On the other side, you’ll find an iPhone pocket with a similar snap system and a zippered accessory pocket underneath. Both holders have plastic D-rings hanging from the bottom, and a carbiner comes attached to one.


Review: TechSlinger TechSling for iPad + iPhone

Review: TechSlinger TechSling for iPad + iPhone

Unfortunately, when it came to actually wearing TechSling, we were less impressed. Having two large weights dangling on either side of your body isn’t necessarily uncomfortable, but it doesn’t feel right—akin to a backpack with the mass redistributed. Sure, you have quick access to your iPad when you need it, but we found ourselves wondering whether anyone wants to wear their devices in this way. For the same price as TechSling, you can buy a more practical and protective backpack or carrying bag. TechSlinger isn’t bad for what it is, but the concept really doesn’t have a lot of appeal. For those dead set on a holster, this is a viable option, but not one that we’d recommend.

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