Review: TetoTeto!! by Macer Software

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It’s hard to complain about a free clone of EA’s $10 Tetris game, right? No. Of the three Tetris knock-offs we look at today, Macer Software’s TetoTeto!! (Free) is unquestionably the worst of the bunch, though it has nice enough graphics. Basically, the developer has chosen a weak input method—taps on bottom-of-screen buttons, combined it with the first Tetris engine we’ve seen that completely messes up the standard distribution of blocks, and then included zero audio.

Review: TetoTeto!! by Macer Software

Review: TetoTeto!! by Macer Software

The end result doesn’t feel like playing Tetris. It’s like seeing Tetris blocks as dispensed by a vengeful genie, giving you the wish you’d once made for the same straight blocks or cubes to keep coming up again and again; that’s the point at which you realize that without the right blocks, the right controls, and some sound effects, Tetris just isn’t any fun. Even for free. We’d be very surprised if the developer didn’t make some major changes to this title over time; as-is, it’s pretty bad. iLounge Rating: D.



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Company: Macer Software

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Title: TetoTeto!!

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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