Review: The Joy Factory Klick Desk Stand for iPad (3rd-Gen) + iPad 2

Shipped in three pieces that are only a little intimidating to connect to one another, Klick Desk Stand ($60) is part of The Joy Factory’s modular case, stand, and mount system for the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad. Like cases from ModulR, Vogel’s, and Touchns before it, this setup allows you to keep a shell on your tablet at all times and connect it to various accessories as needed. In this instance it’s a stand for your desk, as the name implies.

The shell included with Klick is somewhat under protective. Easily snapping onto the back of either generation tablet, it does a good job of protecting the bottom and right edges but has a long opening along the top. The left edge is also exposed, but that’s so a Smart Cover can be attached. Our biggest complaint is the two-inch open rounded square around the Apple logo. We’ve never been fans of cases that have this kind of opening, and here it’s especially pronounced.


Review: The Joy Factory Klick Desk Stand for iPad (3rd-Gen) + iPad 2

Review: The Joy Factory Klick Desk Stand for iPad (3rd-Gen) + iPad 2

That opening does serve a purpose though: it allows the shell to snap onto different accessories including the desk stand included in this set. The 8” tall stand’s white plastic as well as its aluminum arm and accents nicely match Apple’s aesthetics, especially when paired with a white iPad. A metal plate attached to the base weighs it down. We found the instructions to be a little underwhelming regarding the safe way to connect the arm to the base, but connection of the iPad to the arm is almost effortless, as is disconnection for hand-held use. Simply press the shell against the mounting bracket until it clicks into place. From there it can be rotated freely and flipped 180°. It stays in whatever position you put it in, and squeezing clips on either side of the bracket releases the case.


Review: The Joy Factory Klick Desk Stand for iPad (3rd-Gen) + iPad 2

Review: The Joy Factory Klick Desk Stand for iPad (3rd-Gen) + iPad 2

The Joy Factory has put together a pretty nice system here. One major concern we have is there’s no way to purchase the case or the accessories individually; the company’s wall mount and kickstand also come packed with one of the shells. This bumps the cost, potentially leaves you with more cases than you need, and makes it less appealing to invest in the system. Taken on its own though, this particular bundle includes a nice stand and an OK case. The price strikes us as just about right for what you’re getting, and ultimately we find Klick Desk Stand to be worthy of a general recommendation. We’d appreciate a more protective case and better instructions going forward, but it’s still a good option.

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Company: The Joy Factory


Model: Klick

Price: $60

Compatible: iPad 2, iPad (3rd-Gen)

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