Gear Guide: The Luxury Stylizing


The Luxury Stylizing is the web’s best way to get your CDs ripped. No loading CD spindles, no wasting time. Just ship your CDs in their jewel cases and we take care of the rest. With a quick turn around time and digital music experts, your Luxury Stylizing can last a lifetime and give you the best of both musical worlds. Life should be simple. So let your music live!

We rip. You relax. Period.

# Ship your jewel cases – no spindles!
# Go Green! Optional complimentary recycling of CD jewel cases
# CDs and inserts returned in portfolio
# Professionally stylized CD conversion
# Digital Catalog of your music accessible from any computer!
# Format and bitrate of your choosing
# Complimentary FedEx Shipping
# CDs insured while in transit
# Professional disc repair and cleaning
# Only charged for CDs that are stylized
# Professional grooming of metadata and album artwork
# 24 hour online order status updates
# Complimentary DVD archive on Taiyo-Yuden DVDs
# Loading of music on Apple iPod
# Free CDs to enjoy while we stylize!
# Optional Hard Drive
# Optional Apple iPod
# Optional AppleTV
# Optional second backup copy in different format
# Stylizing just $1.99 per disc

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