Review: Threedef Bankarama

On August 25, 2008, we reviewed a collection of 15 different personal finance applications for the iPhone and iPod touch in a roundup entitled iPhone Gems: Every Personal Finance Application, Reviewed. This review contains a review of one application from that roundup; additional comparative details can be found in the original full story.

Review: Threedef Bankarama

Bankarama ($13) from Threedef is a simple multi-account balance tracker with a focus on speedy entry of transactions. The app opens to the top account’s transaction listing, which shows the account name and balance in large font at the top, right above buttons for entering a deposit or withdrawal. Tap one, and a numeric pad comes up for quick entry. Back on the account screen, transactions are listed below the deposit/withdrawal buttons, separated by date, with the most recent on top. Tapping on a transaction brings up fields to let the user enter or edit the description, amount, and date, and set the item’s status to cleared or uncleared. A Back button on the listing page takes the user back to the account selection page, where he or she can hit the add button to create a new account, or hit the edit button to delete or reorder existing accounts.


Review: Threedef Bankarama


Review: Threedef Bankarama

Almost unbelievably, that’s it. There’s no option to export transactions, set budgets, or password protect the data, features found in apps that can be downloaded for free. “Offended” isn’t a word we use lightly, but that’s how we felt after paying $13 for Bankarama. The application itself isn’t necessarily faulty, but it’s grossly overpriced for what it offers, so much so that we find it impossible to recommend on any basis.

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Company: Threedef


Title: Bankarama

Price: $14

Compatible: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch

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