Review: Thursday Friday Dive Bag for iPad


Los Angeles-based Thursday Friday is seeking to bring fashion and a feminine sensibility to the world of technology accessories. Its new Dive Bag for iPad ($65) is designed to be a convenient and attractive way to carry one of Apple’s tablets and a few other goods. Available in bright orange, pink, and yellow variations, this bag is sure to garner attention, although the overall quality doesn’t justify the price.

Review: Thursday Friday Dive Bag for iPad

Review: Thursday Friday Dive Bag for iPad

Dive’s simple bag setup is made entirely of neoprene, with a magnetic snap on the top flap to keep it shut. That snap is hidden below a thin metal buckle strung through with a bow-like strip of neoprene; we found this to be the least attractive element of the bag. Its edges are exposed and quite rough, and since it’s right in the middle of the bag they eye is automatically drawn to it. When closed, the iPad’s corners can be left exposed, even when pushed in all the way. A wider protective flap would eliminate this issue. Sewn on to the back is a thin nylon strap. It’s sturdy, but rather plain for such a loud bag.


Review: Thursday Friday Dive Bag for iPad

Review: Thursday Friday Dive Bag for iPad

Open Dive up and you’ll find just enough room for any generation iPad. Although the neoprene stretches, we found it much easier to slide in a bare iPad than one with a case. There’s a divider in the compartment, creating a second pocket for accessories. Although there’s not a lot of room, it can fit extras such as a wallet, cables, or a charger. Many people may find there’s not enough space for it to be a full purse replacement. 


Review: Thursday Friday Dive Bag for iPad

Review: Thursday Friday Dive Bag for iPad

Our review unit arrived with a few visible indentations in the neoprene, and since then we’ve a few small tears develop as well. While this is never a good thing, it’s particularly a problem on such a simple case that costs as much as it does—about double what it should. Combine that with the unappealing bow, less-than-exciting strap, and small amount of extra storage, and it’s a miss. We like what Thursday Friday is trying to do, but Dive Bag simply isn’t the right implementation. As such, we can’t recommend it.

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Company: Thursday Friday


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