Review: Tip by Carlos Perez

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Tip ($1) from Carlos Perez is another simple tip calculation app that makes up for its lack of depth with nice aesthetics. The app’s single screen sports a nice, register-style interface with large green area at the top for the total check amount and a custom numeric pad directly below for entry. Wheel-style pickers for choosing tip percentage and number of people sit alongside the numeric pad, with buttons at the bottom for viewing the exact amount, a rounded amount, or a mirrored, palindrome amount—the latter a form of charge card security that helps you make sure the restaurant isn’t trying to add some unauthorized amount to what you wanted to pay. While that’s all Tip does, it’s more than a number of other apps in this category, and Tip’s interface is among the best in its class. An option for tax calculation, drink allocation, more control over the rounded totals, and more currency support would make Tip even better; it’s currently worthy of our general recommendation. iLounge Rating: B.

Review: Tip by Carlos Perez


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Company: Carlos Perez


Title: Tip

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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