Review: Tip Calc and Tipper by Charles Ying

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Tip Calc ($1) and Tipper ($1) from Charles Ying are identical, simple tip calculator and check splitting apps. Tip Calc is listed on the App Store as version 1.1.1, while Tipper is listed as version 1.0; it is unclear whether the app was released twice in order to change the name or as an attempt to make users pay for the minor update. Either way, the apps perform the same, with a small difference in how the check amount, tip amount, and total are displayed. A wheel picker lets users set the bill amount, while buttons directly below represent 10%, 15%, and 20% tips. The app defaults to a $20 bill amount and 15% tip, changes are reflected in the amounts listed below. A split bill button at the bottom opens a new screen, where the user is expected to select the number of persons in the party; the dollar amount for each is listed to the right. As has been the case with many of the tip applications priced at $1, Tip Calc strikes us as rather ordinary. It lacks a great interface, tax calculation, rounding options, and precise user control over the tip percentage, all of which need to be implemented for Tip Calc to be worthy of recommendation. iLounge Rating: C-.

Review: Tip Calc and Tipper by Charles Ying

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Company: Charles Ying


Title: Tip Calc

Title: Tipper

Price: $1/$1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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