Review: TipBuddy by Justin Jeffress


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Review: TipBuddy by Justin Jeffress

TipBuddy ($1) from Justin Jeffress is yet another extremely sparse tip calculator. Set on a plain blue background, a single user-editable field allows for entry of the bill amount, while a white box below it lists the tip percent as set by excellent, average, and poor service rating buttons which appear at the bottom, along with the tip amount and total amount. The info screen simply offers an interface to set the preset tip percentage amounts for the three service rating buttons. As we’ve seen with several other tip apps, TipBuddy aims for simplicity but lacks the interface to justify it. The inclusion of tax calculation, more (or just simpler) user control over tip percentage, and check splitting would be a good start towards improving TipBuddy, which currently falls short of even our limited recommendation. iLounge Rating: D.

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Company: Justin Jeffress


Title: TipBuddy

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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