Review: TipCalc by BAMsoft


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Review: TipCalc by BAMsoft

TipCalc ($1) from BAMsoft is yet another simple tip and bill splitting application with a mediocre interface. Its single screen offers a text field for entering the bill amount, a toggle switch to turn sales tax on and off and a corresponding field to adjust the tax percentage, and sliders to set the tip percentage and party size. Two large button-like ovals at the bottom of the screen contain the tip amount and total, with the split amount (if applicable) appearing next to the grand total. While its interface isn’t going to wow anyone and the text is a little on the small side, TipCalc does manage to provide the core functionality expected from an app at this price, and does so all from one screen. Slight tweaks to the interface and/or the ability to round the total amount would help TipCalc stand out from the crowd. iLounge Rating: C+.


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Company: BAMsoft


Title: TipCalc

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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