Review: TipCalc by IncisiveGeek

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Too many wheel-style pickers crowd the screen of TipCalc ($1) from IncisiveGeek, a simple tip calculation application. No less than six wheels let the user set the bill amount, while a separate wheel placed alongside lets the user set the tip percentage. A slider underneath these lets the user select the number of people in the party, and bill, tip, and grand total amounts are listed at the bottom of the screen in two columns, one for the total amount and one for individual amounts. The info button lists tipping etiquette tips for different situations. Missing the ability to round the tip or bill amounts, TipCalc’s crowded interface belies its simplicity. A cleaner interface and the addition of any (or all) of the features mentioned above would help TipCalc improve; it currently falls short of our recommendation level. iLounge Rating: C-.

Review: TipCalc by IncisiveGeek

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Company: IncisiveGeek


Title: TipCalc

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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