Review: Tips by Kudit


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Review: Tips by Kudit

Boasting perhaps the best overall interface of any currently available iPhone tip calculator application, Tips ($1) from Kudit greets users with simple questions instead of blank text fields. Upon launch, a numeric pad pops up to let the user answer the first question, “How much was your bill?” A slider running between a sad face and smiley face answers the question of “How was your service?,” and a separate slider below that lets the user set the number of people in his/her party. Once a user has entered the bill amount, large figures at the bottom of the screen list the tip and total amounts per person.

Delightfully, although that’s all there is to the application’s main interface, that’s not the end of its features. A menu item in the iPhone’s Settings app lets users set a variety of different preferences, including minimum and maximum tip percentage values for the slider, a maximum number of people to split the bill between, toggle the “clear values on launch” feature on and off, set the rounding to never, nearest dollar, always up, or always down, and set a tax percentage. With one of the best interfaces in its category and a unique balance of simplicity and flexibility, Tips is worthy of our high recommendation; a drinkers/teetotalers option and international currency support would make it even better. iLounge Rating: A-.

Our Rating

Highly Recommended

Company and Price

Company: Kudit


Title: Tips

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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