Review: TipStar by Ryan Rowe

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TipStar (Free) from Ryan Rowe is another exception to the standard tip calculator formula. It opens with a splash screen that simply says “Tap to Begin.” Tapping brings the user to a screen where a numeric pad allows for entry of the bill total; tapping the next button loads another screen with service quality buttons for excellent (20%), good (18%), and acceptable (15%) service. Once service quality has been selected, the app loads yet another screen where the user can select the party size; once that has been selected, the final screen shows the total, the tip amount, the grand total, and the total for each person in the party, if applicable. While we don’t dislike TipStar’s approach, we wish it let the user have more control over the tip percentage and allowed for rounding. As a free application, it’s not terrible, but it’s not that great either. iLounge Rating: C.

Review: TipStar by Ryan Rowe

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Company: Ryan Rowe

Website: Ryan Rowe

Title: TipStar

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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