Review: TipSY ($2) by Apical Studios

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TipSY ($2) from Apical Studios is a simple, straightforward tip calculator application. The main screen shows text fields for entry of the bill amount, number of diners, gratuity percentage, and tax percentage (along with a check box to turn tax on and off), all set in a single line along with auto-filling fields for total tax, total tip, total amount, and amount per diner. The info button gives users access to preferences for including tax as part of the tip calculation and rounding the bill up or down.

Review: TipSY ($2) by Apical Studios

While it is straightforward and relatively easy to use, we expected more from TipSY given its pricing relative to its competition. Ironically, TipSY’s full name as listed in the App Store is “TipSY (tipping with style),” yet style is exactly what TipSY is lacking, as it does its job but in a very straightforward manner. A little visual help and a few extra features might push TipSY onto recommendable ground; as it is, we think it’s simply okay, and slightly overpriced. iLounge Rating: C.


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Company: Apical Studios

Website: N/A

Title: TipSY

Price: $2

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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