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Review: Tiptap by Made with Bananas

As yet another simple tip calculator, Tiptap (Free) by Made with Bananas separates itself from its freebie competition with a understated but slick interface and reasonable if not mind-blowing features. Tiptap’s main screen offers users a subtotal field, along with a wheel picker for tip percentage and auto-fill fields for tip amount and total at the bottom. An info button in the corner leads to a preferences page where users can set the default tip percentage and toggle the round up, check splitting, and tax features on and off.

Turn on the splitting feature, tap the done button and watch as the single wheel selector slides over and morphs to sprout a second section for selecting the number of party members—it’s a very neat visual trick, almost worth the free download just to check out. Likewise, turn on the tax feature and a text field for the tax percentage slides down below the subtotal. It’s not oozing with features and options, but Tiptap does its job well. More rounding options, a little extra color, and the addition of multiple currency support would make Tiptap even better, but it’s still the best free tip calculator available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and worthy of our strong general recommendation. iLounge Rating: B+.



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Company: Made with Bananas


Title: Tiptap

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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