Review: Tipulator by sophiestication

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There’s no doubt that Sophiestication Tipulator ($1) is one of the nicest-looking applications in this collection, presenting most of the same information found in competitors with a nicer interface, using simple clickable options, and relying on dials rather than buttons for most of its features.

Review: Tipulator by sophiestication

However, in practice, the dials complicate what could otherwise be faster button entry, and the “check amount” relies upon the user to know to start with the pre-tax subtotal in order to properly generate the right tip amount. The resulting total would then come out pre-tax, requiring additional math.

With slight tweaks, this could be a truly great option. iLounge Rating: B.

Review: Tipulator by sophiestication

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Company: Sophiestication


Title: Tipulator

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches