Gear Guide: Titan Case for iPod Nano


Gear Guide: Titan Case for iPod Nano

Anodized Aluminum Nano iPod Case with belt clip, armband, lanyard and carabiner clip, available in multiple colors.

“`Cause Everyone Wears Their iPod Differently” is the motto of the Titan case for a good reason, the included carabiner clip, arm band, belt clip with 360 degree rotation for vertical, horizontal or any position in between and lanyard accessories provide a wide range of ways to wear the iPod Nano.

The Titan goes even one step further with the ability to easily change whether the top or the bottom of the iPod Nano faces upward or downward, providing unmatched flexibility.

Titan cases have an incredible anodized aircraft aluminum finish, anodizing produces amazing colors, while the lightweight aluminum case adds solid protection for your Nano iPod at the same time.

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