Gear Guide: Travagan’s Colors ; mini headphone amplifier


Headphone output of most of MP3/MP4 found in today’s market has a very limited driving capability.

When much high-end headphone comes in place, insufficient output would affect sound quality.

Colors headphone amp is designed exclusively for MP3/MP4 to correct such problem and has the capability to tremendously enhance the sound quality.


1.Environmental-friendly, good hand-feel shell material.  Four colors available.

2.Equipped with rechargeable lithium ion Battery, no memory effect

3.Rechargeable lithium ion battery is designed to prevent over charge / discharge, it will shut off automatically when charge completed.

4.When charge completed, it can run for 24 hours!

5.USB port is available for recharging, can be connected to any computer.

6.Comes with premium package and accessories.

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