Review: Tris by Noah Witherspoon


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Review: Tris by Noah Witherspoon

The best of these Tetris clones is Noah Witherspoon’s Tris (Free), a straightforward version with simple but clean graphics and intuitive swipe-and-tap controls. While the game’s collision detection is a little less precise than the original Tetris’s, the controls aren’t up to snuff with EA’s version, and its movement of blocks down the well has a certain unusual pace and staccato rhythm, Tris looks and feels pretty good.

Review: Tris by Noah Witherspoon

For the price. You don’t get any of the frills included in EA’s version, which not only did Tetris justice but then expanded upon it with a number of cool powerups, slick visual transitions, and real audio—all of which were worth paying at least a little for. However, Tris plays the basic game pretty well and doesn’t cost a thing; we can live without changing backgrounds, sound effects and music when the game is free. If you’re in need of a Tetris fix and don’t want to pony up $10 for EA’s version, start here. iLounge Rating: B.

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Company: Noah Witherspoon


Title: Tris

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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