Gear Guide: Tunewear Prie Podwallet Case and Battery


There are two types of PODWALLET: PODWALLET and PODWALLET with Super TUNEMAX 20. The standard PODWALLET has an iPod Holder, Meshed Net Bag with zippers, Card holders, a Pen Holder, and a Cable Winder. PODWALLET with Super TUNEMAX 20 has the same features as PODWALLET but also includes the long life battery called the Super TUNEMAX 20 which fits inside a pocket in the PODWALLET with Super TUNEMAX 20.

Super TUNEMAX 20 specifications

  • Power: 1550mAh

  • Voltage: 7.2VD.C.

  • Weight: app. 120g.

  • Dimension: 94 x 53 x 19mm

  • 1.5 Hour Charge time

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    Company: Tunewear
    Model: Prie Podwallet
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